SQUARED-S (Squared-S Holdings Ltd) is an Artificial Intelligence Investment Solutions provider, founded by Mr. Soujit Ghosh and Dr. Seth Huang in 2017. The two, combine years of professional trading experience and cutting-edge A.I. research. SQUARED-S focuses on Pan-Asia markets, specifically China, Hong Kong and other global clients in the region.

SQUARED-S already has two pending A.I. patents in the United States. We aim to file more patents, once we have research resources from HK AI Lab. SQUARED-S aims to build a mass-scale A.I. platform and provide A.I. driven analytics based on Big Data, for financial institutions and other industries, with a range of services including A.I. Portfolio Optimisation analytics, Risk Forecasting, Market Trend Analysis and any bespoke projects.

Our A.I. techniques are primarily but not exclusively built on Deep Learning. We achieve this by pre-process different types of Time Series Financial Data, including Stock Prices and Stock Trading Volumes, Government Bonds and Volatility and other natural-language-processing (NLP) market sentiments. We then apply the data to specialized Deep Recurrent Neural Network with LSTM (Long Short Term Memory), which is optimally structured. 

Through our proprietary infrastructure and technology, we can create an ensemble of A.I. models to provide different client solutions. Squared-S primarily runs its A.I. engine on a cloud-based platform, ensuring maximum scalability and accessibility. This means as we increase the number of clients for our solutions and platform, we can scale up the capacity efficiently and effectively, as Cloud Service providers such as AWS essentially provide access to virtually unlimited number of computers and computing power.

As the company grows, SQUARED-S has plans to hire local employees and to engage local contractors, thus contributing to the HK economy. We have also been working with researchers at universities in Hong Kong, and our company already has significant ties to HKUST (the co-founder and lead advisor are Professors at HKUST).

Our vision is to work together with the HK AI Lab, to establish it as a leader in research and development for A.I. applications in finance, especially as A.I. quickly becomes an increasingly adopted technology in the global financial industry.
Soujit Ghosh