In March 2015, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, visited Taiwan at the invitation of University Alliance to deliver a keynote speech of “Turning Dreams into a Successful Business.” At his speech, Jack Ma announced his plan to set up a NT$10 billion Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund in Taiwan.

Why Taiwan? “Taiwan has a great entrepreneurial environment so companies like TSMC and Foxconn can be nurtured. In addition, Taiwanese youngsters are well-educated, creative and diligent and these qualities are impressive to me,” Jack Ma said.

Out of a goodwill to support Taiwanese youngsters, we hope to promote Taiwanese entrepreneurs’ creativity, products and services to the world through Alibaba’s global platform!

AEF invested in Blackpanda and Phase, achieving the total count of 47 in the portfolio


AEF invested in Crescendo Lab, WAT, Expedera and LatticeFI, adding another 45 companies to the ever-growing portfolio.

AEF upsized the funds managed by the two GPs by US$50 million each, making the total fund size of NT$100 billion as committed.


Appier went IPO in Japan.

Kloudless was acquired by Netskope.

AEF invested in Pica8, Gen.G and AmazingTalker, making the portfolio of 41 companies.


AEF invested in Panda Credit and EMQ, uplifting the portfolio to 38 companies


AEF invested in Kapito, Kabob, Miniwiz, Commeet, ColudMile and Ecoinno, adding 6 companies to the portfolio.

AEF held the second Alibaba Startup Summit.

AEF exhibited Alibaba Stratup Festival, connecting the startup ecosystem.


AEF invested in Kloudless, KKDay, Deep Sentinel, Wishing-Soft, GoTrust, FunNow, LydiaAI, Mamibuy and AsiaYo, achieving the total count of 30 in the portfolio.

AEF joined InnoVex, Asia's leading startup exhibition, to showcase our portfolio companies.


AEF invested in Jollywiz, NextDrive, Citiesocial, Pluvio, Adenovo, Glassbox, UrMart, Umbo, Platina, Kneron, CocoMelody, HowLiving and Space, making the portfolio of 21 companies in total.

AEF held the first Alibaba Startup Summit.


AEF invested in 8 companies including Health2Sync, iStaging, Amwise, Appier, Codementor, Viscoery, Birtmark and 4Gamers.


Two investment institutions, CDIB Capital Group and WI Harper Group, were engaged to manage US$100 million each for AEF.

Alibaba Group committed to invest NT$10 billion to set up Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) in Taiwan.