Empowering Startups

Under the Investment Program, we invite entrepreneurs in Taiwan to submit proposals for building innovative businesses that leverage on Alibaba’s marketplaces and platforms. Winning candidates will receive funding through professional investment managers appointed by us.

By operating on Alibaba’s market-leading platforms, selected entrepreneurs in Taiwan will enjoy extensive market access in an environment that can maximize their chance to hone their commercial acumen and find the keys to successful business development.

Selected entrepreneurs will also have access to a group of mentors who possess years of experience in various businesses and understand the areas where young companies need help most. Our mentors will work closely with the young entrepreneurs to provide guidance and assistance.

Investment Criteria

To qualify, potential investee companies are required to meet the following criteria:

Taiwan Nexus:
  • A majority of the founders of the company are permanent residents of Taiwan; or
  • Meaningful operations of the company are carried out in Taiwan, as determined by the independent investment manager under policies approved by the Board.
Alibaba Ecosystem Participant:

The potential company should possess innovative and unique business ideas that are financially viable, have high potential to grow and can expand beyond Taiwan. It will be a participant in at least one of the platforms of Alibaba Group or its affiliates, for example:

  • Establishing an online store to sell products or services in Alibaba’s retail e-commerce marketplaces such as Taobao, Tmall and AliExpress;
  • Providing products and services through Alibaba’s wholesale market places Alibaba.com or 1688.com;
  • Providing logistics and merchant support services related to e-commerce activities on Alibaba’s platforms;
  • Developing software applications and services, mobile or otherwise, and offering such with the support of Alibaba’s technology and data through APIs; and
  • Operating a business on Alibaba’s cloud computing platform.
Investment Process
Sourcing and evaluation
Our appointed professional investment managers will source, evaluate and select potential qualifying deals for investments.
Due diligence and appraisal
Due diligence and investment appraisals will be performed on shortlisted businesses. The amount of capital provided to selected businesses is determined according to the overall valuation based on market-based terms.
Post-investment support
We will provide assistance to investee companies to access available resources from Alibaba’s business units and the broader Alibaba ecosystem. We also plan to assemble a group of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who will provide mentorship and guidance to the investee companies.
Evergreen support to entrepreneurs
Profits arising from the exit of investments will be returned to The Taiwan Entrepreneurs Fund to continue the support for other entrepreneurs in Taiwan.
Proposal Submission

If you believe that your business and idea meet the above criteria, please submit your business plan to the Entrepreneurs Fund.
Submit Business Plan
For any enquiries related to business plan submission, please email to the Entrepreneurs Fund.