Established in 2013, Viscovery is the world's leading Video AI company based on Deep Learing and Computer Vision technology. With R&D center based in Taipei, we have branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore. Viscovery presents the revolutionary product “Video Discovery Service” (VDS) with its core FTAMOS solution, we can recognize 7 major categories in videos: Face, Image, Text , Audio, Motion, Object, and Scene. We are able to identify valuable information in videos, providing video service solutions for companies. Viscovery’s VDS platform provides 5 major solutions which includes Key Moment (for contextual advertisements), video content interaction, video search engine, IoT service, and customized service. Our effort has been recognized internationally over the years and have partnered with Intel and IBM. Finding valuable information in videos is now made easier. "Visual Search, Simply Smarter"

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