Founded in July 2022, Nika Optics focuses on AR Volume Holographic Waveguide optical display devices. Based on Volume Holographic Waveguide technology, it is committed to continuously developing high-quality, consumer-grade AR optical products. Its main products include near-eye display waveguide devices and core automotive AR-HUD optical devices.
The company has a professional R&D team. Relying on its long-term accumulation of Volume Holographic Waveguide material research and development and cutting-edge processing technology, it has mastered a full-chain technologies, including waveguide display device design, material system construction, and mass production. Nika has independent intellectual property rights, leading R&D capacity in the industry around the globe.
In terms of AR terminal brands, Nika has sent samples to QIDI, Raybird, and Yingmu, and has adjusted its products based on feedbacks; In terms of automotive HUDs, the company has connected with the intelligent cockpit development departments of GAC and Great Wall Motors; In addition, the company got in touch with Jingwei Hengrun and Ruiwei Vision, and has sent out samples.
Nika Optics
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