Lynk is a Knowledge-as-a-Service platform, unlocking the knowledge and insights of advisors from around the world, helping people and companies make better decisions. By using data to understand, intelligently map, and organize advisors and their expertise, Lynk’s platform makes knowledge sharing faster and easier than ever, creating the first knowledge sharing economy. Its core offering Lynk Enterprise, is the world’s first SaaS platform built on an expert network.
Lynk helps companies succeed by connecting them with advisors who can share their specific insights and knowledge. Users can engage world-class advisors for consultations, ad-hoc research, due diligence projects, or long-term engagements. Lynk’s customers include Fortune 100 companies, top-tier consulting firms, global private equity funds, hedge funds, media, government agencies, global enterprises and start-ups, spanning more than 60 countries.
Lynk’s network includes C-level executives, retired senior management, thought leaders, scientists, managers, engineers, independent consultants, lawyers, accountants, and financial analysts, among others.
With offices in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, and Shanghai, Lynk is expanding into Toronto and Hyderabad in early 2020.
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Series B
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Enterprise Services
Peggy Choi
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