Established in September 2012 by Sammy Cheung and Tony Ngai, two seasoned FPGA industry practitioners in Silicon Valley who originated from Hong Kong, Efinix is one of the fast-growing chip design companies in the U.S., specializing in next generation of Field-programmable Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The company develops a proprietary routing technology, QuantumTM Programmable Technology, which enables substantial advantages of low power, small form factor and price competitive FPGA architecture with the same performance level.  This enables wider adoption of FPGA across use cases such as telecommunications, data centers, AI/Big Data, industrial automation, robotics/drones, VR/AR, video/audio, smart home electronics, LED display and especially edge computing, i.e. neural network computing in IoT and mobile devices which haves strict size and energy efficiency requirements.  The vision of the team is to build the first Chinese proprietary semiconductor technology in next-generation FPGA architecture and promote the use of FPGA in the new era of cloud & edge hybrid computing.
Current fundraising stage:
Series B
Mr. Sammy Cheung, Mr. Tony Ngai
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