Macronix International : High-Performance Serial NOR Flash Memory Selected for Efinix FPGA Development Platform

June 2, 2022 | Market Screener | Portfolio
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Macronix International Co., Ltd. (TSE: 2337), a leading integrated device manufacturer in the non-volatile memory (NVM) market, today announced that its MX25U25645G 1.8V 256Mb Quad I/O Serial NOR Flash memory has been selected as the preferred Serial NOR Flash memory for the Efinix® Titanium Ti180 FPGA development platform. By implementing the Macronix Flash memory, Efinix, an innovator in programmable products and technology, brings to market a powerful development platform featuring Efinix's high-capacity, low-power FPGA and Macronix's high-performance Serial NOR Flash memory.
The new Efinix development platform empowers engineers with the tools to design products for diverse applications such as vision systems, edge computing, hardware acceleration, and machine learning. The platform also provides designers with the confidence that the Flash memory and FPGA they're working with have been fully tested and verified for compatibility.
"Both Macronix and Efinix are known globally for their innovation in developing high quality and performance products for demanding applications," said Macronix Vice President of Marketing F.L. Ni. "The new Efinix Ti180 FPGA development platform is testimony to that innovation, as it leverages our decades of experience in non-volatile memory and Efinix's revolutionary Titanium FPGA technology at the heart of the Ti180."
"This new development platform featuring our Titanium Ti180 FPGA and Macronix's MX25U25645G Quad I/O Serial NOR Flash memory will enable engineers to streamline the process of creating powerful yet highly efficient products designed around the Ti180," said Mark Oliver, Vice President of Marketing at Efinix. "They'll realize tremendous benefits from using this platform for designs serving some of the industry's fastest-growing markets and most-demanding applications."
The Titanium Ti180 FPGA features Efinix's high-density, low-power Quantum™ compute fabric with an I/O interface in a small foot print package for easy integration. The FPGAs include a 2.5 Gbps hardened MIPI D-Phy which can be used with an Efinix MIPI CSI-2 and DSI controller IP cores to create multi-camera, high-definition vision systems, edge computing and hardware-acceleration systems. With the ultra-low-power Ti180 FPGAs, designers can build always-on products and other enhanced capabilities.
A member of Macronix's MXSMIO™ Duplex family of multi-I/O Serial NOR Flash memory and manufactured with Macronix's advanced, high-reliability 55nm process, the MX25U25645G provides a Quad I/O interface with double transfer rate (DTR) mode operation, featuring the maximum read throughput up to 100MB/s, densities from 64Mb to 2Gb, and operating voltage from 1.65V to 2.0V. The MX25U25645G supports a vast number of applications requiring fast read performance with 256Mb density and 1.8V operating voltage.
For more information on Macronix's Quad I/O Serial NOR Flash memory, including the MX25U25645G, please click here. For more information on the Efinix Titanium FPGAs, including the Ti180, please click here.
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