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《AEF Webinar: Study or Work? Startup or Corporate? Are you still deciding? 》

April 17, 2020 | Webinar
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Study or Work? Startup or Corporate? Are you still deciding? 


Join AEF Webinar with Polygence: Apr 22, 2020 (Wed) | 12:00 pm HKT



Jin Chow, COO & Co-founder, Polygence, 

Janos Perczel, CEO & Co-founder, Polygence

Grace Wong, Director of Comm.& Mktg, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF)


Language: English & Cantonese
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The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting our lives, our way of life, our work and our economy. The global outlook is getting uncertain that leaves us looking for advice and inspiration. In particular, if you're currently in the final year of your undergraduate education, the questions like "what to do next after my graduation?", "how to pave my career path?" or "how to turn adversities into opportunities?" should have already popped into your head but you may not have answers yet. 


Here's an opportunity to get advice from Jin and Janos, Founders of Polygence*, who are passionate about equipping students with the skills and attitudes to help them face the challenges of the modern world with positivity, integrity and creative confidence. They're going to have a live conversation with Grace at the AEF's first webinar, where they'll address the above questions and share with us their experience of making their career decisions. 


*Jin grew up in Hong Kong and graduated as the valedictorian at Princeton University. She's currently doing graduate school while teaching at Stanford University. Together with Janos, she's co-founding the Stanford-based educational company Polygence. 


Polygence, one of the AEF portfolio companies, is committed to cultivating multi-faceted intelligence with mentors from top universities worldwide.