Sandbox VR’s mission is to bring the holodeck from Star Trek (or the Matrix, or Ready Player One) to every neighbourhood in the world.

The holodeck represents an entirely new medium that we believe to be the future of entertainment, media, and esports. We believe that at scale, the holodeck platform will be the next major platform in computing.

Though a combination of proprietary technology, exclusive content, upscale retail locations, and beautiful online services, we’ve built the closest thing to the holodeck that exists in the world. Since launch, we’ve received near universal acclaim from our guests, with an NPS score of 81. We are in fact the #1 Activity on TripAdvisor in both of the first two countries we’ve launched in.

Since 2018, we’ve grown from 1 location to now 19 locations around the world, all driven by word of mouth demand and strong unit economics. Our partnership and franchising momentum is accelerating with hundreds of inbound leads per month, and we’re now ready for the next phase of our growth.

Sandbox VR
Current fundraising stage:
Series B
Investment year:
2018 - AEF HK Fund
2021 - AEF GBA Fund
Steven Zhao
Established in:
The Next Frontier of Entertainment
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