Taobao E-commerce Training Program Launches in Hong Kong to Train e-commerce Professionals for Local Businesses

May 24, 2016 | Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund | Press Release
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Hong Kong, May 24, 2016

Hong Kong, May 24, 2016 -- The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Hong Kong Youth and Professional Network, Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund and today announced the launch ofthe Taobao E-commerce Training Program (“the Program”), offering for the first time in Hong Kong a range of professional training courses on e-commerce geared for local businesses.

Extensive e-Commerce Training

The Program offers its students a total of 40 hours of professional training that covers e-commerce strategy, practice and need-to-know skills, including the mechanics of e-commerce, online cross-border trading, promotional activities, online sales, store planning, consumer psychology, as well as case studies in marketing and SME financing.

Mr. Ken Ngai, Head of Information Technology of TheHong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, said that The HKFYG Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre provides co-working space, seed fund, mentorship, business network and various support for local young entrepreneurs and social innovators. With the growing popularity of e-commerce, some entrepreneurs seek to leverage e-commerce platforms to run their businesses. Against this backdrop, the Program will help them learn how to promote their products and explore global markets.

Mr. Ngai added that the Program will play a key part in training fresh talent to meet the growing demand for individuals with e-commerce skills. He encouraged people engaged in or who are interested in developing an e-commerce career to apply for the training. Upon course completion, graduates will have the opportunity to work for the Program’s supporting organizations to sharpen their skills in the e-commerce sector.

Mrs. Cindy Chow, Executive Director of Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, said the Program would be helpful in addressing the lack of professional e-commerce training in Hong Kong.

“The Program is designed to nurture professionals who can support the growth of Hong Kong businesses in the e-commerce sector. In designing the Program, we kept the real business needs of local enterprises in mind and drew on experiences from Taobao University and Alibaba Group's education institute.” said Mrs. Chow. “Instructors from Taobao University with rich e-commerce experience will provide their insights from both a theoretical perspective and from real-life practice. We hope participants can apply what they learn from the classes to real work. In the first year, we aim at supplying about 100 qualified graduates to the e-commerce talent pool for local enterprises.”

Ms. Eunice Yung, Chairman of the Hong Kong Youth & Professional Network, expressed her excitement about the strong support from local businesses: “One important mission for the Program is to nurture e-commerce talent for local businesses, so their support is crucial. Since last year, our network has been engaging local businesses to understand more about their talent requirement. It turns out that many are keen to offer job opportunities to outstanding graduates. In that regard, the Program serves two purposes: it helps graduates gain more real-life practice and experience, while also meeting the needs of local businesses.”

Mr. Rick Ng, Head of Sales at Hong Kong, said: “Hong Kong companies have extensive experience in cross-border B2B trading and they are increasingly eager to explore further trade opportunities through e-commerce, because data analysis could help them lower operating costs and adjust their marketing strategies. To grow the e-commerce business, local companies first need to find the right talent and build the right team. With the aim of supplying e-commerce talent through professional training, the Program helps fill the talent demand gap and reduce the hiring cost for local businesses. As such, the Program can bring forward Hong Kong’s e-commerce culture and eventually foster the city’s development in the Internet-based economy.”

Taobao e-Commerce Training Program
Online application period: From 24 May to 19 June

Online application method: Visit:

Fees: Application fee: HK$100; Course fee: HK$1,500

Training venue: The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre 11B-E, Genesis, 33-35 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

Minimum requirements: Form 5 graduate or5 passes in HKDSE

Training directions: 1) e-Commerce operation; 2) online cross-border trading; 3) platform promotion; 4) online sales; 5) online marketing; 6) trade finance

About Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund
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