Connecting with businesses with social channels has never been easier.
But it has been a pain for businesses to manage multiple channels without a proper workflow routing engine. Sending engagement messages, product updates or promotional offers could be manually repetitive work without software that helps brands build automated flow across channels. Enterprises would also love to see actionable insights from these interaction data on messaging. SleekFlow tackles the problems above by providing a unified social commerce solution for businesses to excel in sales, marketing, and supports.
Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global social commerce market is estimated to proliferate at a rate of 31.4%. Integrating e-commerce with social media is powerful. It enables consumers to search brands via social content, immediately connect with the sales and support team, or even check out right away at the fingertips.
SleekFlow is headquartered in Cyberport Hong Kong and currently has 1500+ customers across South East Asia, Europe, and North America.
Current fundraising stage:
Series A
Investment year:
2021 - AEF HK Fund
2022 - AEF GBA Fund
Henson Tsai
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