Fano Labs is an AI company headquartered in Hong Kong specialised in Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Voice Biometrics technologies. Focusing in a variety of languages, dialects and mixed languages, specially Cantonese and languages in Southeast Asia, our solutions help enterprises from various sectors with customer service, compliance and other lines of business.
With the advanced AI technologies, Fano Labs provides smart solutions, including Customer Service and Speech Analytics System, for customers to enhance their management capability and service quality, by accurately identifying potential compliance risks. Also, it will allow enterprises to reduce costs and uncover potential sales opportunities by providing managers with valuable business intelligence which will lead to revenue increases.
Fano Labs Limited
Current fundraising stage:
Series A
Investment year:
2020 - AEF HK Fund
2022 - AEF GBA Fund
Dr. Miles Wen, Prof. Victor O.K. Li
Established in:
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