Datago Technology Limited is a professional FinTech company which focuses on providing Chinese text data analytics in financial sector. Datago aims to leverage big data and artificial intelligence technologies to mine quantitative and easy-to-use structured data from large-scale text data that is related to the capital market in mainland China and Hong Kong, such as news, reports and social media.
Based on the accurate and real-time quantitative financial data analytics service provided by Datago, Datago's clients are able to easily and systematically incorporate these valuable information in their working flow of developing trading strategies and risk management tools, in order to enchance return and reduce risk.
Datago's clients include the hedge funds, security brokers, and research institutions all over the world such as mainland China, HK, US and Canada.
Datago Technology Limited
Current fundraising stage:
Series A
Invested since:
ZHANG Tianyu, WONG Tak-Jun, LONG Yi