Origami Labs was the maker OFLO System, a communication device designed to connect frontline and back office, increasing team’s efficiency and guest experience for all businesses in need.
The idea began with Kevin's (our CEO) father. Kevin grew up with his visually-impaired father and watched him use screen-free alternatives to interact with technology. Inspired by the principles of inclusive design, the team experimented with ways to make interacting with phones screen-free.
OFLO was built on the belief that businesses can leverage this same idea, using text-to-voice, voice-to-text, and voice-to-voice platform to make communication simpler and effective.

Origami Labs
Investment year:
2017 - AEF HK Fund
Exit year:
Operating status:
Kevin Johan Wong, Marcus Leung-Shea, Emile Chan
Established in:
Unlocking the Power of Voice
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