Farseer is an AI-powered smart investment analytics platform with cloud & API solutions around risk management (KYC & data driven asset price alert), investment research (post-MiFid II focus) & IR optimization, focus to empower a more efficient financial ecosystem. 
Farseer’s proprietary cloud engine combines search, text analytics (Chinese NLP in particular), knowledge graphs & machine learning algorithm, to extract real time financial related alternative data from across millions of unstructured context, according to clients’ criteria & output/alerts format, with user-defined sentimental weightings, through 24/7 web & App access, to significantly reduce, digitize & automate risk management & research effort.
Farseer’s clients include security brokers, institutional investors, corporates, etc. across HK & China. 
Current fundraising stage:
Series A
AI-powered Investment Research
Stanley CHAN, Tim XUE
AI-powered Investment Research Platform