Orcauboat is an unmanned boat company founded in 2017 by a team of masters and doctors from Tsinghua University and Northwestern Polytechnical University, with 110 employees.
Orcauboat specializes in the research and development of surface unmanned driving technology and the innovation and application of surface service robots. It is a member of the United Nations Global Partnership on Marine Litter. As the founder of surface unmanned driving technology and founder of surface cleaning robot, our company stands out in the civil unmanned vessels with 3 product lines: smart cleaning boats, smart leisure boats, and smart boat systems.
Our smart cleaning boats are designed for various tasks, including water surface garbage collection, water quality monitoring, water inspection, aquatic plant removal, and cyanobacteria cleanup, etc. To date, our smart cleaning boats have served more than 550,000 kilometers, covering over a hundred waters across nearly 10 countries worldwide.
Our smart leisure boats have been utilized at scenic spots for sightseeing tours, business meetings, floating cafés, floating hotels and more.
Based on big data and applications of smart boats, ORCAUBOAT pioneers the development of standardized surface unmanned driving systems. Our in-house R&D systems are commercialized to meet the intelligent upgrading and transformation needs of various marine vessels.
As a market leader in surface service robots and unmanned vessels, our team is committed to driving innovation and excellence. We hold several records, including the longest driving mileage of unmanned surface vessels, the world's first multi-sensor dataset for the unmanned surface vehicle, and the world's first dataset for floating waste detection.
Shaanxi Orca Electronic Intelligent Technology Corporation Co., Ltd.
Current fundraising stage:
Series B
Investment year:
2024 - AEF GBA Fund
Jacky ZHU, Yuwei CHENG, Yuhao CHI
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Better Self-driving.Better Waters.