Immuno Cure Holding Limited is a clinical-stage biotechnology group based in the Hong Kong Science Park, focusing on the innovative DNA vaccines, antibody and immunotherapies to fight cancers, inflammations, and infectious diseases.

PD-1-enhanced DNA Vaccine Platform” was licensed in from HKU.  Comparing with traditional vaccines and mRNA vaccines, our DNA vaccines has numerous advantages such as excellent immunogenicity, safety, rapid vaccine design and manufacture, and high stability at 4 °C for easy storage and transport. We have two DNA vaccine candidates, a therapeutic DNA vaccine for HIV/AIDS (ICVAX) and a preventive DNA vaccine for COVID-19 (ICCOV), in Phase I and Phase IIa clinical trials respectively.
Anti-Δ42PD1 Antibody Platform” was licensed in from HKU, which utilizes the novel immunotherapy target, Δ42PD1, for treating cancers such as liver cancer and other various cancer types.
Novel Vaccine Delivery Platform” focuses on the development of electroporation and needless injection delivery systems of DNA vaccine and other types of therapeutics.
Immuno Cure Holding Limited
Current fundraising stage:
Series A
Investment year:
2023 - AEF GBA Fund
Prof. Zhiwei Chen, Dr. Percy Cheng, Dr. Xia Jin, Mr. Andy Wong, Mr. Tom Lau, Mr. Peter Tang, Mr. Tom Lau
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