Robo-advisory in Asia/Pacific Set to Cross US$500 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM) by 2021, IDC Reports

November 8, 2017 | IDC Financial Insights | In the News
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Singapore, November 9, 2017

IDC Financial Insights believes the hybrid advice model (traditional and robo-advisory) will be the winning strategy to dominate in the market.

SINGAPORE, November 09th, 2017 – IDC Financial Insights has released its first perspective on robo-advisory titled Robo-Advisory: Changing the Face of Wealth in Asia/Pacific , which highlights the state of robo-advisory in seven hot markets in Asia/Pacific. China, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, and Taiwan lead the way, with combined total assets under management (AUM) estimate on robo-advisory to reach US$500 billion by 2021.

IDC Financial Insights defines robo-advisory. also known as automated or digital advice, as a set of automated systems that rely on algorithms to construct, manage, optimize, and rebalance wealth and asset management portfolios. In its purest form, the entire process of robo-advisory is completed without human intervention from start to finish.

Michael Araneta, Associate VP, IDC Financial Insights, says, "The growing adoption of digital platforms by customers has created a huge opportunity for robo-advisors. The combination of digital gadgets, innovative analytics, and advanced algorithm-based engines has enabled new ways to interact with tech-savvy customers and meet their investment requirements. The automation of advice enables risk assessment and portfolio construction for each investor, regardless of the investor's portfolio size."

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