Artificial intelligence can reshape the investment landscape

June 1, 2018 | Thinking Ahead | Portfolio
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Hong Kong, June 1, 2018

Whether it be moving to electricity from steam engines, stepping into the digital revolution or embracing artificial intelligence (AI), humanity has constantly opened the door to new and previously unimaginable technological worlds. Today, at the initial stage of the fourth industrial revolution, AI has already demonstrated its capabilities through technologies such as facial recognition, driverless vehicles, and algorithmic trading. China Asset Management (Hong Kong) is the first offshore Chinese fund house to utilise AI to create an intelligent factor-model strategy.

ChinaAMC(HK) is the Hong Kong-based international arm of China Asset Management Co., one of the most renowned and oldest fund management companies in mainland China. The firm specialises in all-China equities investment, aiming to capture long-term alpha through diligent research analysis and prudent investment discipline. It also hopes to mark its ten-year anniversary by becoming a trailblazer in the field of AI asset management, and to this end has partnered up with fintech specialist Magnum Research to offer a purely automated investment solution to institutions across Asia.

The initiative, named AI China Alpha Strategy, utilises an automated investment engine known as Aqumon – one of the flagship projects under Magnum Research that is backed by funding from the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund. The engine uses automation targeting to generate a multifactor strategy investing in onshore Chinese stocks.

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