4Gamers Entertainment Inc.

Established in 2013, 4Gamers aims to spread eSports culture, grow the social communities, and attract talents to eSports and Gaming industry. Starting with 3 employees, 4Gamers currently has more than 60 employees to provide services to various customers with different requirements, becoming the largest eSports integrated marketing company in Taiwan. Starting the year of 2014, WirForce is a platform for Lan Party, eSports competition, gaming hardware convention, music acts, and gaming culture. WirForce is now the largest computer festival in Asia.



Adenovo is expert in the risk management of car financing, we have branch office set up in Beijing and Shanghai. By introducing the cutting-edge AI technology in the traditional car financing process, we automate the process of user acquisition, paperwork, background check, underwriting and minimize the risk of bad debts at the same time. We solve the problem of financial exclusion by technology and helping more people to get their financial service.



Amwise focuses on advanced precision medicine in oncology, striving to shape a better world for cancer patients. We provide healthcare professionals and patients with quantitative data to help determine the appropriate approaches in treatment. We expect patients can receive highest heal possibility with minimum side effects by avoiding unnecessary treatments.

Amwise successfully developed advanced precision diagnostics based on Asian genes. Current technology can help breast cancer patients to evaluate the necessity of chemo therapy and radiation therapy. Amwise is also developing products for colorectal cancer, utilizing and integrating the most cutting-edge technology to lead the sector into a new era.



Appier is a technology company that makes it easy for businesses to use artificial intelligence to grow and succeed in a cross screen era. Appier is formed by a passionate team of computer scientists and engineers with experience in AI, data analysis, distributed systems, and marketing. Our colleagues come from Google, Intel, Yahoo, as well as renowned AI research groups in Harvard University and Stanford University. Headquartered in Taipei, Appier serves more than 500 global brands and agencies from offices in twelve markets across Asia, including Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jakarta and Seoul.



Bitmark creates specialized blockchain technology to convert personal data into property that can be sold, licensed or transferred peer-to-peer. Personal data will be a massive asset class in the emerging data economy. Our property system for the digital environment enables individuals to establish ownership claims for personal data akin to how land registrars track land titles or patent offices track patents.

Bitmark’s mission is to promote a healthy digital environment by enabling property rights and provenance for digital assets. As a cleantech for the internet and the Internet of Things, we enable a transparent and unforgeable chain of ownership and attribution for digital assets that can be authenticated by anyone.



citiesocial is an eCommerce platform enabling【Global Curation and Local Discovery】. We leverage machine learning, agile development and new media marketing to bridge high quality products from around the world with Asia's taste-conscious consumers.

Founded in 2011, citiesocial now works with 2,000+ brands, sells 60,000+ products and is home to 500,000+ registered members.



Persisting in satisfying every bride-to-be, the Cocomelody team has served over 200,000 brides around the world for more than 10 years.

Cocomelody holds the belief that every bride deserves to celebrate her brand new chapter of life in haute couture, without the pricey costs. Dedicated in down-to-earth research and field work, Cocomelody was officially launched as an online wholesale and retail bridal boutique in 2003, seamlessly designed for every bride-to-be.

Based on years of comprehensive exploration, Cocomelody ventured a brand new service chain with a combination of cutting-edge e-commerce service and a traditional store. Marrying online, hassle-free convenience with real-world experience. Customers are able to select their dream dress in a range of designers to fit their budget online while still retaining the option to visit a physical store for actual fitting.

Today, Cocomelody is a harmonious ensemble of talented designers, experienced sample makers and seamstresses, and in-house artists, developing a diverse fashion line not limited solely to top-notch bridal dresses, but exquisite party dresses and related products all the same.

Cocomelody is all about harmony. As a business of service and dedication, Cocomelody’s synchronized, hands-on work is integral to composing every bride’s most memorable day.



Codementor is the leading on-demand marketplace for software developers. We are based in both Taiwan and Silicon Valley, with customers mostly from the US and Europe. Codementor is backed by Techstars, 500 Startups, and other leading investors.



Health2Sync revolutionizes diabetes care through personalization & analytics. Our products include a mobile app for patients and smart care analytics platform.

We are set to 1) solve the lack of needed data for long-term diabetes care and 2) closing the loop of care for patients that have limited access to healthcare resources.

Health2Sync enables care to scale and collaboration for parties in the ecosystem.



HowLiving is a global Chinese cooking network with food videos , cooking live shows and cooking studio as well. We also build over 50 social media channels worldwide and operate global food creator communities. Our goal is to encourage people cooking and sharing delicious food with friends and family. Right now, we have Taipei, Beijing , and Silicon Vally offices to link the worldwide Chinese food lovers to share cooking together.



iStaging is a leading augmented and virtual reality platform. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company also has satellite offices in San Francisco, Shanghai and Paris. iStaging aims to help people transcend space by crafting immersive visualization products that empower the world to interact with distant places or objects.



Jollywiz Digital Technology Taipei was founded in 2007, followed by Jollywiz Digital Technology Shanghai in 2008 and Jollywiz Digital Technology Hong Kong in 2015. Over the years, Jollywiz has become the most influential cross-strait e-commerce company in Taiwan. Our expertise in retail business has made us the largest cross-strait Taiwan-funded e-commerce service company and the first Taiwan-funded company to be awarded with the gold medal operator title by Tmall. Jollywiz offers total solutions include brand marketing, data management systems, customer service management, warehousing logistics, etc. to help enterprises expand their businesses globally, especially in mainland China. Our customers include Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Costco, Hennessy, Yili, Lian Hwa Foods, Everrich and other international corporations.



Based in Silicon Valley with substantial operations in Taipei, Taiwan, Kloudless is an API integration platform built for developers to easily connect to all kinds of enterprise software. From Dropbox and Salesforce to Slack and Google Apps, Kloudless’s unified API products enable companies to quickly connect their products to enterprise applications, saving them valuable time and resources. Kloudless is using AI and Machine Learning to add new connectors to their platform. This gives them speed and quality advantages over integration platforms (like Informatica, MuleSoft) and systems integrators, who manually build integrations.

Kloudless’s core team is strong and experienced. The founders are graduates of the University of California, Berkeley, and they previously founded two startups, one of which was acquired by Egnyte. Additionally, the team has valuable operational experience from companies like NASA JPL, IBM, Blackberry, Check Point Software, Pinterest, Airbnb, Deloitte Consulting, and HTC. Its total addressable market is large and rapidly expanding. While Kloudless is currently targeting a $14 billion USD data integration market space, we expect the company to expand into iPaaS and enterprise application integration markets, growing the total market opportunity to nearly $50 billion. Investors in Kloudless include: Aspect Ventures, Bow Capital (started by Vivek Ranadivé , Founder at Tibco), Ajay Shah (Founding Managing Partner at Silver Lake Partners), Tim Draper (DFJ), David Sacks (PayPal and Yammer), and Heavybit, a developer tool incubator. Kloudless currently has 15 full-time employees.


Kneron Inc.

Kneron, a leading provider of edge AI solutions, was founded in 2015 at San Diego, US by Albert Liu who is a leading expert in ASIC design, EDA, deep learning, image processing, and computer vision algorithms. Barely two years old, Kneron already has partners and customers around the world, and has provided customized solutions for home appliances, surveillance, and smart phones to several international companies.


Morning Shop

Fast Retain founded in 2015, focus on new generation’s daily nutrition needs, provide healthy products from all over the world, right now has two services:「MorningShop」「ProteinShop」,combining social, cross-border e-commerce, direct oversea purchase and data analysis to shorten the distance between customer and manufacture, accumulate 300,000 in 2 years and thousands of healthy products.



Founded in 2014, NextDrive builds integrated IoT platform solutions to bring greater connectivity and security to your devices, your business, your home, and the ones you care. The industries NextDrive serves ranges from consumer to energy sector with wireless IoT gateways and cloud services managing smart meters, sensors, and I/O devices.


Opaque Studio

Opaque Studios is a LA-based studio that specializes in creating next-gen virtual and real-time production tools powered by latest game engine, VR and performance capture innovations.

Our tools are developed in collaboration with world-leading teams and are being used by world-class studios on world-class productions. Based on the tools originally created for James Cameron’s Avatar, our real-time production allows studios to create content for film, television, games and VR at a higher quality, faster and at a lower cost than conventional pipelines.


Platina Systems

Platina Systems is pioneering a new class of products optimized for cloud-native data centers. With data exploding for analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Platina enables infrastructure to be interchangeable and ubiquitously deployed and uniformly orchestrated, enabling greater scale, flexibility and rapid time to revenue. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our experienced team has successfully introduced data center and service provider technologies that have been instrumental to shaping today’s IT infrastructure.



Pluvio is powering engaging, personalized e-commerce shopping experiences using artificial intelligence and graph technology. Our platform provides adaptive, contextually-aware recommendations through a unique, interactive interface. Pluvio's technology anticipates customer needs and allows customers to discover new products based on their specific shopping context. Headquartered in NYC, Pluvio is focused on creating delightful, personalized consumer experiences.


Space Cycle

Space Cycle operates premium boutique fitness studios throughout China and Taiwan that combine fitness and entertainment through music, pop culture and innovative teaching methods to change the way people socialize around group exercise. Since 2005, the SPACE Group has operated Space Yoga, a leading yoga brand throughout Greater China. Space Cycle offers indoor cycling, barre, yoga and dance in a high-tech atmosphere specially curated around music, with in-studio software, lighting, audio and video-mapping technology that’s designed exclusively by the Grammy Award winning team 3-Legged Dog (3LD). Space Cycle instructors are developed by master and celebrity trainers in their physical modalities and in the art of using music in their classes and in engaging with Space Cycle members via social media. The Company has also organized hundreds of celebrity-led fitness-related events and has strategic partnerships with Nike, Lululemon and Mercedes Benz, as well as an online store and a proprietary mobile online booking app. Currently, there are six SPACE studios operating in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei with plans to open more studios throughout Greater China.


Umbo Computer Vision Inc.

Umbo Computer Vision is an artificial intelligence company developing autonomous video security at enterprise scale. Our mission is to create a system that can understand human behavior, protect critical assets and keep people safe. Umbo is emerging as one of the fastest growing A.I. companies in the industry as the creator of Light, an autonomous vision intelligence that understands what is taking place in real-time. Light has processed over 2 billion live security images with over 1.5 million user sessions to date. The company was the recipient of the Best in Video Analytics award from SIA in 2017 and Best in Show from Nvidia GTC 2016 ECS.



Established in 2013, Viscovery is the world's leading Video AI company based on Deep Learing and Computer Vision technology. With R&D center based in Taipei, we have branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore. Viscovery presents the revolutionary product “Video Discovery Service” (VDS) with its core FTAMOS solution, we can recognize 7 major categories in videos: Face, Image, Text , Audio, Motion, Object, and Scene. We are able to identify valuable information in videos, providing video service solutions for companies. Viscovery’s VDS platform provides 5 major solutions which includes Key Moment (for contextual advertisements), video content interaction, video search engine, IoT service, and customized service. Our effort has been recognized internationally over the years and have partnered with Intel and IBM. Finding valuable information in videos is now made easier. "Visual Search, Simply Smarter"